Mama Renee and Baby Louie, Suzanne Osburn
Melon Sugar, Virginia Wesche
Weeping Willow, Suzanne Osburn
Three Trees, Suzanne Osburn
Writer’s Block 3, Erin Cartwright
Branching Out, Virginia Wesche
Textured Entrance, Erin Cartwright
Hygiene 3, Erin Cartwright
Escape, Erin Cartwright

Contents of Fall 2010 Progeny
Letter from the Editor, Rebekah Stottlemyer
Ordinary Love Poem, Ian Rollison
Fool, Sara K. Fleagle
Leftovers, Carmen Laskay
Ravages of War, Elizabeth Clark
Ten, Allison Clark
Overcoming Emotion, Elizabeth Clark
Steel, Tears, and Everything in Between, Olivia Ehrle
Illusionist, Christina Marie Drake
Sanctify Me, Sara K. Fleagle
Liebestod, Elizabeth Clark
Night Life Montage, Christina Marie Drake
We Passed on a Train in Egypt, Steve Smith
Concert for the Dead, Ashley Brown
Dreamscape, Rebekah Stottlemyer
Saturday Night, Sara K. Fleagle
What Makes Me Up?, Christina Marie Drake
The Suicidal Glass, Rebekah Stottlemyer
Fallen into Place, Rachel Rosebrock


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