Ordinary Love Poem
Ian Rollison

This is not an
Ordinary Love Poem

I don’t see
That fading glow
When you are near.
I’m burdened
by the sweetness of
A Thousand Questions.

I don’t feel
that chalky voice
when you speak.
Sweet loneliness
envelopes me in
Its Tender Embrace.

Lying smiles shine
when you whisper
I love you,
but ears just hear
bittersweet screeches,
The Death Rattle Vows.

Do I detect
our young flower?
Does it bloom?
Or is that scent
laced with untimely
Wilting? Ignored Death?

Thirsting for
your broken smile
but drowning
in my cool doubt—
Longing for the taste
Of Wretched Freedom.

If I hadn’t
once promised you
My Crooked Heart
I’d doubt regretting
similar mistakes
On Another

So am I a Thoughtless Fiend?
Or Deadened Husk?