Allison Clark

I. A cherished memory—pressed
between the yellowed pages of time.

II. A final goodbye—placed
on a casket, while troubled tears fall.

III. A chapter’s beginning—woven
into a bouquet of a soon-to-be bride.

IV. An unpainted picture—dew drops dripping
down a knotted, thorny stem.

V. A broken heart—withering
on the windowsill, a past love never forgotten.

VI. A pearl of nature—vibrant colors glowing
under His Majesty’s brush.

VII. A second chance—cherished petal falls,
forgiveness dawning anew.

VIII A mirrored reflection—essence of renewal remains
in spring’s gentle breeze.

IX. A sacred gift—destined by death, trampled
on the ground.

X. A vacant vase—acceptance not desired,
finally becoming who you want to be.