No. 8, Jessica Relyea
No. 4, Jessica Relyea
Fishing on the Mekong, Deb Dalke
Awesome Moon, Lyndsay Mueller
Sexy Gun, Lyndsay Mueller
Baby Bear, Shamra Willis
No. 1, Elizabeth Clark
No. 1, Jessica Relyea
No. 7, Jessica Relyea
Nesticles, Shamra Willis
No. 11, Jessica Relyea
Spider, Krista Hamlin
No. 3, Kelly Beard
No. 2, Kelly Beard
No. 13, Jessica Relyea
Sara, Krista Hamlin

Contents of Fall 2011 Progeny
Alma Hill Dancing c. 1931, Stephanie Mesler
Smoke, Broc Riblet
Life, Lynn Haller
Never Again, Lynn Haller
Justice for the Yazidiyah Girl, Tim Wedge
Song of Myself, Roni Bowsher
Riposte, Ian Rollison
Flimsy Boggarts, Kevin Dillinger
Ode to the Windshield Wiper, Elizabeth Clark
The Barney Toy, Elizabeth Clark
Another Kind, Krista Hamlin
Crickets in Glass Jars, Angela Powell
Sunflower Girl, Brandon L. Brown
prohibited disorder kids, Brandon L. Brown
Big Billy Goes To The Buffet, Joe Bales
That Girl, Katie Patten
Change, Chiane Tedrow
Perfect, Monica Switzer
Rippled Reflection, Monica Switzer
Myth, Legend, Soul, Elizabeth Alexander
Son of Mine, Ian Rollison
What I'm Made Of, Elizabeth Clark


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