Baby Bear
Shamra Willis
The Barney Toy
Elizabeth Clark
“Eeeew! Why are you playing with that dirty thing, Lija?!”
The shrill admonishment from his sister brought Elijah back to reality. He had been staring at the little toy for a while now, not sure what to make of it. He had found the cold plastic object in the center of the road, splattered with water from the morning’s rain. He vaguely remembered the purple dinosaur from his early childhood, although he could not recollect the boy’s swimming trunks that it now wore. Had the thing even been a boy? On the show it didn’t have the boy parts that daddy had explained would make it a boy. Maybe it was a really odd girl.
“Lijaaaa! Are you listening to me?”
Elijah sighed. If it was a girl, then he didn’t want it. His sister should play with it. She didn’t seem to like the toy though. In fact, she was getting very noisy about everything. She should just be quiet.
“Lija! Don’t ignore me!”
Elijah turned to her at last, their almost identical facades giving him no pause, and popped the plastic dinosaur into her mouth. The little girl stared at her brother in shock. Her cheeks bubbled out, her lips in an O shape around the toy’s feet. Elijah smiled and walked past his sister.

“Silence at last.”