No. 11
Jessica Relyea
That Girl
Katie Patten

I'm that girl who's friends with everyone.
The girl you come to for help,
who's there when you need a hand
to hold or a shoulder to cry on.
Giving help, never asking for any in return.

I'm the girl who gets along better with guys.
The girl who has too many guy friends to count,
the one who's good enough to fuck, but not date.
Always the best friend, never the girlfriend.

I'm that girl who holds it all together.
Always laughing and joking around,
but on the inside I'm crying.
Just waiting on someone to notice
everything isn't as perfect as it seems.

Waiting on someone to return the favor.
Waiting on someone to be a friend
without turning around and reaffirming . . .
I'm not good enough to be someone's other half,
destined to be that crazy cat lady down the street.

I'm that girl.