Light Show, Virginia Wesche
Fortress, Tyler Dunham
Waygate, Tyler Dunham
Chewie, Virginia Wesche
Untitled, Casondra Lipp
Untitled, Sammi Stevens
Untitled, Casondra Lipp
Music of the Broken Hearted, Kate Borer
Forgotten, Kate Borer
Angel, Danielle Fahy
Top Secret, Virginia Wesche

Contents of Spring 2011 Progeny
One Who Fears the Fire, Kayla Gawronski
Zeus to Son, Sara K. Fleagle
Fort, Kevin Dillinger
Sinking into Oblivion, Rebekah Stottlemyer
Beneath the High Owl Moon, Sara K. Fleagle
Eternity, Elizabeth Clark — second prize winner
The Bucket List, Sara Beth Brown
What Isn’t Real, Elizabeth Alexander
Why?, Maria Perez
Basement Blogger, Rebekah Stottlemyer
Ode to Music, Maria Perez
Brain, Sara K. Fleagle
Suicidal Waves, Christina Marie Drake
Anatomy Class, Sara K. Fleagle


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