One Who Fears the Fire
Kayla Gawronski

There’s a time for subtlety
but with you all I have is
I know you don’t wanna hear it
but I’m not gonna commit to you

If I were you I wouldn’t
hold my breath, don’t
hold me too close to the heart
in your chest
because we both know
commitment is a threat,
something I want so bad
but it’s just out of reach,
a barrier that
holds me and my heart
a prisoner of loneliness

But at least I am safe
from so much hurt and pain,
from past heartbreaks
and yet I talk to my own heart
as a separate entity
for I have found
the separation essential for

Does it make me less human
to strive for a life without
no love, no happiness, no hope

But do the cons
of fantasy outweigh
the pros of reality
this my puzzle
should I take the risk
one who has been burnt always
fears the fire