Emerald Impressions, Caitlin Ehrenberg

Image 1, Jennie Vogelsong

Image 2, Jennie Vogelsong

Drew, Michelle Puehler

Advanced, Kevin Arriola

Big Red, Michelle Puehler

蒲公英的约定 ,  邵烨文

Eddie, Kayla Gawronski

Aquarium, Michelle Puehler

Object, Kevin Arriola

Untitled, Carrie Onder

Emerald Impressions, Caitlin Ehrenberg

Fading, Michelle Pueler

Morning Dew, Cord Speelman
Contents of Fall 2012 Progeny
Issue Theme: The Look and Lines of Irony

Nile in Emptiness, Brandon L. Brown

Buried Alive, Elizabeth Alexander

Two Free-Verse Poems: Lost Soul;
Demonology, Ylandre Smith-Cash

Monolith, Kevin Dillinger

Disturbance Part 1, Ylandre Smith-Cash

The Dandelion's Date, YeWen (Aideo) Shao
Translation by Andrew Pratt

Two Free-Verse Poems: Curveball;
Beginnings, Jordan Heiliger

A Little Note to God, Brandon L. Brown

Art Project, Brandon L. Brown

Let Freedom Ring (. . . Could You Hold, Please?),
Fredrick Linnabary

The Long Afternoon, Tim Wedge

Beauty in the Face of Fear, Michelle Bulriss

Two Haiku: Moon Viewing;
Shadow Kite, Brandon L. Brown


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