Erice Castello, Larry Courtney
Toy Chest Demons, Dennis English
Untitled, Cord Speelman
Untitled, Cord Speelman
Night Creature, Dennis English
Swamp Horse, Dennis English
Talon with Fruit, Kayla Mengerink
Civitella del Tronto, Larry Courtney
Reflection of the World Around Us, Jessica Relyea
Here Comes The Storm, Jessica Relyea
Droplet, Jessica Relyea
Corruption, Kayla Gawronski
Fish, Kayla Mengerink
Untitled, Cord Speelman
Till the End, Rachelle Durham
Bugging Out, Rachelle Durham

Contents of Spring 2012 Progeny
Learning to Live, Monica Switzer
Heaven and Hell, Tim Rickabaugh
Nightingale, Eva English
Frankenstein’s Lament, Brandon L. Brown
Poison, Kaila Wilson
The Fish ‘n Chips Dad, Tim Wedge
Funny Farm Legends, Andrew Pratt
Mothaland, Manelisi Victor Nhliziyo
Trains and Church Bells, Kaila Wilson
Sheol, Brandon L. Brown
The Sky, Andrew Pratt
(for your eyes only), Kaila Wilson
Lemonhead Summer (4 Haiku), Brandon L. Brown
Unending Masks, Fred Linnabary
Intergalactic Love Song, Brandon L. Brown
A Kiss, Monica Switzer
Reckoning, Brandon L. Brown
Word Play, Ashley Brown
Process, Monica Switzer


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