Swamp Horse
Dennis English
Funny Farm Legends
Andrew Pratt

I once had a hen that laid green eggs.
Yes, the green, fair ride barf color
that I had dreaded to spew out in
front of my “friends” so I barfed
at home.

I once had a dog with three legs.
She never needed a wheelchair,
never missed launching into the
sky a meter high, to catch cold
bark-covered sticks, maple twigs.
Lily—Tiger Lily.

I once had a cat with two extra
paws on both front feet.
Her mouse hunting skill
and prowess were top-rate!
Twinkle Toes—TT.

I once had a horse that had his own saddle.
He was so ancient his back was as tall as I!
Easy mounting and less time
get on and ride.
Clancy—with a capital “C”

The funny farm legends must end.

I once had a huge barn.
Established 1910, so the barn siding said.
Pasture flooded with black sheep heads
bobbing up
bobbing down.

Now I have three siblings
hoping to grow up. 
To start their own funny farm legend!