Talon with Fruit
Kayla Mengerink
Manelisi Victor Nhliziyo

Khaya lami elihle
Sizwe samaqhawe esangibumbayo
Loba nje ngikhatshana lawe
Ngizohlala ngikukhumbule

My home is a land of peace,
A tranquil heaven teeming with flora and beasts
Supported only by your nutritious treats
I speak to you oh! Mama Afrika
Your arable soils deep within which are found the rarest gems known to mankind
Gems of the finest diamond from the plains of the Kalahari, the golden kernels of maize that nourish us your hungry children, cassava palm and coconut
The grand amarula under whose shade the lions slumber, escaping the scorching African sun
You bore to this earth legendary sons and daughters . . .
The Patrice Lumumba’s, Nelson Mandela’s, Wangari Maathai’s—some of whom perished in the pursuit of the emancipation of your children.
Freedom from the jaws of imperialists, under whose iron hand your children wept!

I envision to this day:
A land of love, offered from the God above . . .
A land of milk and honey, where it matters not this foe called money . . .
A land of freedom, void of treason, where leaders are guided by reason . . .
A land where none are in need for with your fruits our bellies feed . . .
A land where the panther prances and the nights are filled with Samba dances!

This is my tribute to you, my birthplace, my heritage, my passion oh! Mama Afrika