Jessica Relyea
(for your eyes only)
Kaila Wilson

Last night
you came to me in dreams
wrapped in spider webs
and on gossamer wings

you crawled into bed next to me
and with hands like butterflies
you touched me,
hands and feet and thighs and eyes,
our hearts
fluttering like caged finches

and with all the intent of a dead man,
newly awakened.
And you told me today
you dreamt of me
walking into the ocean with you
confidently and without fear
of waves or whales

hands held tightly
and fingers laced
like vines on trellis wood

when the jellies brushed my ankles
and I became afraid,
you picked me up and carried me
to the underwater kingdom,
seaweed garden and seashell castle

we married under a coral altar
and kissed with schoolchild innocence

You tell me this
and how you woke up
with a smile on your face

I hold my breath before I whisper
I woke up with messy sheets