Contents of Fall 2013 Progeny
Letter from the Editor, Joseph Bales

Human Potential, Tim Rickabaugh

Industrial Nature, Photo 1, Kaitlin McGuire

Apples in July, Hayden Smith

You’re Not My Children, Tim Wedge

Neon Blooms, Caitlin Ehrenberg

Mummy Face, Kaitlin McGuire

Holly, Kelly Dopp

“A” Paper, Gregg Gunsch

Texture 2, Michelle Puehler

Projectionist, Hayden Smith

ScribbleRiver, Michelle Puehler

Men with Faces, Fredrick L. Linnabary

Kerri, Kelly Dopp

From My Eyes, Hayden Smith

Industrial Nature, Photo 2, Kaitlin McGuire

Fall, Jennifer Wedge

Industrial Nature, Photo 3, Kaitlin McGuire

Folly of Roadkill and Time, Hayden Smith


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