Letter from the Editor

Progeny is a unique creature. Every piece we showcase has its own life outside of our magazine. They are thought up, edited, revised, and tweaked until their authors decide that they are ready to be let loose from their notebooks or image programs. Using a blind-review process, we believe these to be the cream of the crop for the content and mood that solidified into the Fall 2013 issue. These words and images are the product of hard work and dedication. They act as a testament to what the creative minds of Defiance College students, staff, family members, and alumni can concoct. Now, compiled together, these individual pieces of art mingle to give, you the reader, a taste of Defiance College literature.

I want to thank my dedicated editorial staff, who are constantly inquiring and challenging themselves. I truly feel like we are always learning together. More than anything, I want to thank the creative minds who were bold enough to send in their work. I want to encourage you to continue to create new and exciting material, and of course, submit it to the next  issue.

Stay creative,

Joe Bales