Men with Faces
Fredrick L. Linnabary
Men with prominent, receding faces.
Hard-eyed, narrow-eyed, hard-bitten men.
Men who have tallied the score.
Loyalty is a commodity.
Love is self-indulgence.
Nobody takes from them what they won’t give—
And they don’t give without strategic purpose.
They see all the lines marked out:
They did the marking.
They move the lines by effort of will
And count out the game.
They make the rules for counting
And they make the counters.

Life is a feudal struggle among the mighty
In a land where no king rules,
For The People have abdicated the throne.
All the fiefdoms are self-delineated
The parts of the earth all divvied.
The shifting foundations are laid.
Rejoice when the towers of the mighty reach the moon.

Rejoice when they learn to enshroud the sun,
For they are generous men to a fault,
And having no need for it in and of itself,
They will eagerly sell the sun back to you.