Acknowledgements: Progeny Contest Judges and Winners


Angel Among Us, Shari Figgens



Inner Reflection, Jeremy Stipano

Unconditional Love, Jeremy Stipano

Take Me Back in Time, Shari Figgens

The Guest, Caitlin Ehrenberg




Britny Inspired, Shari Figgens

Music Ablaze, Caitlin Ehrenberg

Morning Dew, Cord Speelman (from Fall 2012)
Contents of Spring 2013 Progeny
Letter from the Editor, Elizabeth Alexander

A Call to Arms / The Young Man’s Resolution, Ian Rollison

Chance Decides, Gregg Gunsch

Golden Rule Days, Tim Wedge

Zen, Joshua C. Francis

Briars, Kelly Dopp

Welcome, Hayden Smith

Monsters in the Dark, Elizabeth Alexander


Pretty Things, Tim Wedge

Love Letter to Miss Pryne, Joseph Bales

The Room, Rachel Simon

Boils, Joseph Bales

Human Bait, Tim Rickabaugh

Diego Rivera and the Ten Reprimands, Hayden Smith

Desktop Intermezzo, Collette Knight

Morning, Michele Tinker


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