Progeny Contest Judges and Winners
Progeny would like to thank SwampFire Writers’ Group for their support of the magazine’s writing contest. The 2013 entries were judged “blind” by Christine Wilson, a fiction writer, and Andrea England, a poet.

The Spring 2013 winning entry is . . .
“A Call to Arms / The Young Man’s Resolution”
by Ian Rollison.

The judges awarded one honorable mention:
“Monsters in the Dark”
by Elizabeth Alexander.

Congratulations to these two fine writers.

Letter from the Editor
Elizabeth Alexander

Four years. I have been able to be a part of this college and the campus. They have been fun and not a little stressful. It was a worth it, though, to be able to present to you this issue of Progeny. None of it would be possible without my fellow editors who I trust will keep up the excellent work and standards we have brought to the magazine.

I would also like to thank everyone who bared their creative souls to a group of faceless shadows passing judgment upon them. We had a wonderful and difficult job in narrowing the pile down to the ones you see here. I do not envy the job the SwampFire judges had in choosing only one. They did an excellent job and chose well with Ian Rollison's poem. I thank them and the entire SwampFire group for their help and the support they provide to the local arts community. Good luck to everyone in the coming years and don't forget to stay your creative selves.