Contents of Fall 2014 Progeny
Letter from the Editor, Joseph Bales

New Medium, Kelly Dopp

Crazy Fish Lady, Kelly Dopp

We Stare, Michael Vanderkolk

Fantastically Large, Caitlin Ehrenberg

Imagine, Kelly Dopp

Galatea, Elizabeth Daniel

Straight Edge, Erin Conner

Exitsign, Michelle Puehler

Soundless, Brian Coon

Salvation, Michelle Blank

Step, Michelle Puehler

(No Subject), Joseph Bales

Lightswitch, Michelle Puehler

Ocean, Jordan Blank

Roof, Michelle Puehler

Nursery Rhyme, Jordan Blank

Mailbox, Michelle Puehler

Time at a Park, Amanda Fooce

The Next Task, Bianca Relue


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