Joe, taking questions from the audience after
reading creative nonfiction at a conference,
Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature,
May 2014

Letter from the Editor

Like clockwork, every semester Progeny receives some of the most creative, and interesting, pieces of literature Defiance College has to offer. Whether you are boiling over with enthusiasm and zeal for literature or just simply someone who enjoys the arts, I believe that your creativity can find a home in our magazine. Every semester, students, staff and faculty submit their creative works. Our dedicated crew of editors choose the pieces that fit together best, and we compile those works into Progeny.

This issue, Fall 2014, fits together especially well around the theme of fantasy. Faeries dance around your head. Statues come to life and muse about their inner conflicts. Maybe the world as you imagine it is flipped on its head. I believe you will enjoy reading this edition as much as I have compiling it.

As always, I want to thank my dedicated staff for contributing their time and energy to Progeny. They really are the driving force for this magazine. I especially want to thank the editors who have been around for multiple editions. It has been amazing to see how we have grown as a group of students, writers and friends. Finally, I want to thank all of the creative folk who submit their work to Progeny, as it is you who make this worthwhile.

Stay Creative,
Joe Bales