Jordan Blank

Shall I compare thee to a lover?
With thy sweet caresses and whispered words of power,
Thou art beautiful, so it has been said across time.
Thine ageless eyes that seek out this heart of mine
Art of the deepest blue, reflected by the sun’s pure light
And untouched by the temptress who calls herself the night.

Thou didst call out to me when I dared to sit by thy side.
With thy soft and steady voice thou whispered on the tide.
Thou didst not miss me in the years between our meetings
Nor did thy heart crave for our next, though it be fleeting,
But when I met thee today, to sit upon the pale beach with thee,
Thou sang with the voice of birds and waves, powerful and free.

With cold fingers thou didst touch and tease, enticing me to near,
But despite thy gentle wooing, my heart didst clench in fear
For thou art an untamable force, and thy heart fickle indeed.
Thou wouldst demand my love and to my feelings pay no heed.     
I am far too wise for thee, thou tempting Neptune’s son.
My heart remains mine own, though some love thou hast won.