Joe, taking questions from the audience after
reading creative nonfiction at a conference,
Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature,
May 2014

Letter from the Editor

Progeny is about ideas. It begins with an idea that is put into words. These words can become stories, poems, plays, or creative nonfiction. Other times, these ideas are beyond words, needing to be displayed though another medium, photograph, painting, or etching. Whatever the medium, the artists have a feeling, an emotion, an idea, and their art gives them shape. It is Progeny’s goal to showcase these ideas, to provide a platform for these ideas to reach others. Every semester, writers and artists send in their work. It is sent through a blind-review process, and we choose the ones we feel work best together. The creators have sculpted their ideas from a blip of inspiration, to a finished product. We are particularly proud of these pieces.

I want to thank my dedicated editorial staff. They come to weekly meetings and provide their ever intriguing perspectives and opinions. It is nothing but a pleasure and joy to work with such a wonderful group of creators. I also want to thank the students, faculty, and staff who submitted to Progeny. Their passion and enthusiasm is the fuel for our magazine. I hope and urge them to continue their creative endeavors.

Stay Creative,
Joe Bales