A Change is Gonna Come
Javone Hilliard

There is no easy way to say this, so imma make this simple.
I use to get bullied, jumped, beat down but never been crippled.
So I have a lot to say, now stay tuned while I write with my pencil.

My life to you may seem average, but to me it has been hard.
I’m in college now, only God knew I would make it this far.
See my life has been a struggle, with that saying I had no money.
Because of that I didn’t have nice things or clothes, and kids
at school laughed and talked about me, but I knew being broke
wasn’t funny.

But I kept my head up, stayed strong; I was a brave little fellow.
My mom and I knew I was wise for my age; at seven I said I’m
gettin’ us out the ghetto.

I was the real man of the house though a few came and left as it is.
They all seemed nice ‘til my mom found out they really just
wanted one thing.

In grade school I never really talked, I didn’t even mutter.
‘Til the teacher asked me my name and I responded with a stutter.
As I got older the stutter got worse.
‘Til this day I ask God why put that burden on this earth.
So people can talk about me?
Laugh and joke about the way that I speak?
But then I realized to accept it ‘coz it’s a part of me
and learn to live life, and deal with the ups and downs accordingly.

With all that pain that was inside of me,
I learned to control my feelings, so I fell in love with writing.
I fell in love with writing ‘coz there’s no stutter or resistance.
And people can hear me without me having to talk, now
they can understand and listen.

I can sing, write, dance, draw, and even play ball.
If I wasn’t lonely I wouldn’t know to do those things at all.
I know how to do all those things ‘coz I practiced
to impress other people.
Especially quote-on-quote friends so they’d treat me equal.

From the good and the bad I always understood.
I never let bad things influence me,
whatever was goin’ on in the hood.
So I kept my head and believed in what is right to believe in.
At least I know at the end I will make it to heaven.

Oh God, oh God, please don’t let me sin.
Whatever the devil has in store for me,
please don’t let him win.
All the negative and rotten junk, please don’t let that in.
Like bad things on the web, we all know that stuff trends.

My life has changed now, and it’s changed pretty deep.
Now I have money when my pockets used to be empty.
Girls used to run from me, now they runnin’ to kiss me.
It’s crazy when you get a little money, then life gets risky.

I found my real loving father who is proud of his son.
His grown man is in college now, something no one
in the family has ever done.

One special thing about me is I’ve lived on the poor
and the rich side.
Even though I’m better, on the inside I cry,
But what didn’t kill me made me stronger, and this writing
comes from the heart.
I can’t lie, it hurts, I still got the bruises and marks.

Now when something difficult crosses my path,
I’m not gonna flinch or run.
‘Coz I know, and I’ve been through it . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A Change Is Gonna Come