If I Were a Poet
Toni-Ann Boyd

If I were a poet, I’d write about . . . you
Not simply how you make me feel
or how the way you say my name sounds
like my own personal song
But a poem to encompass our journey
from “Hi, how are you?” phone calls
to “Hey babe, how was your day?” ones

If I were a poet, our poem would be just that, “Ours”
It wouldn't be mine or yours
Instead one that is shared between us
one that contains deep thoughts and rhythmic words
one that makes you sway your head
with each melodious verse

Our audience could not fathom the intensity
our love contains
If I were a poet, I’d write everything I felt so you
could truly understand the reason I smile
just by the whisper of your name

Oh, how I wish I were a poet.