This Is My Refuge
Kimberle Maro

There's a place I go known only to me,
a place that breaks up all the monotony
and all the craziness that fills my mind,
where I can leave my hectic life behind.
I draw away all the stress from the day,
the colors the words I want to say,
the lines the constrictions in my life.
With my brush, I paint away the strife.

Purples and blues are the sorrows I feel.
Reds and yellows make my happiness real.
My masterpiece no one might understand,
only me and this paintbrush in my hand.
There's a whole world that lies beyond this brush.
The colors in my heart create this rush,
which frees my mind from the bondage I feel.
Art is a self I don't have to conceal

Get lost with me in the artwork I draw.
Let the beauty of it leave you in awe.
Let every emotion come into you.
Escape into the colors as I do.
Here lies the happiness inside my heart,
all of the dreams I have yet to start,
the only key to unlock what's inside,
emotions I feel that I normally hide.

The only normal I know is abstract;
come alive in discord ‘til I go back.
Why stay in the lines when you can go out?
Nonconformity is what life's all about.
Let all colors flow, to hell if they mix!
Paint less with worry, create more with risk.
Paint with your soul, let it flow through your heart.
Let go of the hang-ups, that's a start!

Yes, there’s refuge in the tools in my hand,
not knowing who else could understand
all of the angels and demons inside.
In their colors I find a place to hide.
They aren't angered when I've had enough,
Indecision, stress, tear the paper up.
Through my paintbrush to my true heart.

This is my refuge, my haven, my art.