Gregory Mogren
I am being hunted. My simpleton of a foe is hunting me across this land, covered in shadows. Every move that I make, my opponent comes closer to his victory. My allies fall one by one to his attacks. My own knights can do
nothing against the onslaught. One by one, the pawns of my enemy take down my castles. No bishop can oppose him. I manage to take a few of the allies of my opponent. But every gambit that I attempt is countered. Every attack that I order fails. My queen, my champion, the love of my life fights bravely, but in the end not even she can last. Once she falls everything crumbles. All of my castles fall.

In the beginning everything went well. I managed to avoid fools and scholars. But my royal power afforded me little help in the long run. My stratagem failed; the ruse was not good enough. I had sent some of my subordinates to the center where they were captured. One of my knights captured an isolated pawn that my nemesis had sent into my territory, though in the end that brilliant move hardly mattered.
After a minor exchange, one of my foe’s allies—his strongest, his lady—managed to break through my defenses. One of my knights took her down, but her sacrifice allowed a lone foe through. In hindsight she was just a decoy. My knight was deflected from his position. My best efforts failed and the one that snuck through received a promotion. From there it was chaos, for my foe had a new champion.

I can see them nearing me. From where I am I can see my last ally fall to the dark champion. My heart breaks as I realize that I am now a bare king, an exposed king. It has become a king hunt.
I run, and the hunters are clever. More and more come after me. They keep their distance though.
No matter the moves they make, I stay safe from their reach. Although my mobility is limited, I am tricky and hard to catch.
But I know I am doomed. It takes time, but I get walked down. In anguish I fall over. From across the battlefield my foe issues one word. One agonizing word to end this conflict.