Contents of Spring 2015 Progeny
Spring 2015 Contest Results

Letter from the Editor, Joseph Bales

Just Another Nameless Face, Bradly Matson, 1st Prize

Everything I Am, Javone Hilliard, 2nd Prize

It Was an Accident, Lakota Price, 3rd Prize

Photo Gallery I

Ghost Frames, Caitlin Ehrenberg

Hogwarts, Jordan Blank

El Castello, Jordan Blank

Cauldron Shop, Jordan Blank

Printing Press, Jordan Blank

The False Prophet’s Creed, Tim Rickabaugh

Daunte and Mid MC Mic, Hayden Smith

For the Fatherland, Jordan Blank

Colorblind, Javone Hilliard, Honorable Mention

Photo Gallery II

Peeking Flower, Michelle Puehler

The Bridge, Jordan Blank

Caught, Kelly Dopp

Ocean, Jordan Blank

Hypostomus plecostomus, Kelly Dopp

Poppy Seeds, Hayden Smith

Killing Adam, Hayden Smith

Letting Go, Ann Little

Stargazer, Kelly Dopp


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