Joe, taking questions from the audience after
reading creative nonfiction at a conference,
Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature,
May 2014

Letter from the Editor

Progeny is about community. As creative writers and artists and members of the Defiance College community, we come together to create something that is worth more than the sum of its individual parts. Ideas are shared, pieces are critiqued and improved, and much laughter is had. We are constantly growing and changing, morphing and adapting to the times. Through the community we find identity. Through the community, Progeny is formed.

Every semester our dedicated editorial staff compiles the pieces that we believe fit the best thematically. This edition, named “Collidescope” focuses around the idea of conflict. You’ll find that many of these pieces stand in defiance of many aspects of conventionality and challenge the norm. I believe that you will enjoy reading this edition of Progeny as much as we have compiling it.

Finally, as this is my last issue of Progeny as editor, I would like to thank all my editors, Mary Catherine Harper, and the creative people of Defiance College. The people who have stuck with me through my two years as editor have become some of the best friends I’ve ever had. They are as equally receptive and open as they are constructively critical. Mary Catherine Harper has been a mentor and friend to me since freshman year. She is truly the motor behind Progeny and has kept the magazine going all these years. Lastly, thank you Defiance College for providing endless, inspiring creativity. It is through this community of people that Progeny finds life.

Stay Creative,
Joe Bales