The False Prophet’s Creed
Tim Rickabaugh

Father who art in heaven, the flock has forgotten your face.
Your kingdom drifting upward, mine descends in earthly time and space.

Feeding your lambs bread and water only, empty souls need a cause.
Starving for their selfish wants, I feed abundantly upon human flaws.

Forgiving my trespasses only (of course), all others shall pay.
Desperation and fear fueling each engine . . . evil lives for today.

Driving all towards temptation, and consumption of more.
Pleasure directs every moment, their sins I adore.

Your worldly kingdom now mine, with the power and glory divine.
Undoing until undone, I am their new sign.



  1. I am not a paranoid alarmist predicting the “zombie apocalypse”!  
  2. I am simply a free-thinking individual who ponders (occasionally) where we (humans) have been, where we are currently, and where we are heading.