Daunte and Mid MC Mic
Hayden Smith

Contemporary verse of the spoken-poetry type sometimes
employs raw, explicit language. For the sake of artistic integrity,
such poetry in Progeny has not been edited for content.

Daunte (Rapper #1)

Speak polite, politicians don’t become offended/
Talk soft and get fillings from a crooked dentist/
Rise up but your flag looking so droopy, though/
Bite into bread, get yeast infection from overflowing dough

Peculiar and stupid, cut class when he lose shit/
Scram to Canada precisely when her moose tips/
Frosty like Jack, hardly rhythmic and not black/
Lactic acid like calves after 23 reps, barely using his back

Shit, it’s like I’m bored and don’t have a Clue/
Shit, it’s like I’m pretty pussy lacking the juice/
Shit, it’s like my sword named Excalibur two/
Shit, it’s like I’m Sonic without the boost

Jester and jabber-on like a Jabberwocky/
Paris Hilton halted, stopped by coppers looking wonky/
More pervasive than frayed kids with damaged mothers/
Family so incestuous, can’t tell son from brother

Sure as shot he’s not afraid to bite flows/
Only not from who you think, so/
Fuck you in the ass inside a cabin/
Not quite as cavernous as your asshole

Barking up a tree planted in the park/
Looking for flowers, powder and whale sharks/
“As far as the shark, supply is getting pretty sparse/
But can I offer you African prostitutes, extra-dark”

I’ll pass on the Africans, but check the inventory/
I feel like that kid in A Christmas Story/
Tongue stuck to pole like I’m persistent and gay/
Never caught on camera like Ray J

Swing amuck, crack fists over heads till the knuckles bust/
Brighten up, people riding horses and their saddle suck/
Vote for us, mark the ballot with a question mark/
Sure enough, the lizards stole time with a broken clock
Bring them to the steeple for the sacrifice/
Kind of nice, lick heads like polite lice/
Kindred spirits cuddled kind of close/
Kindled right, sparked and ignited roast

Mid MC Mic (Rapper #2)

Born C-section, a cut above the rest.
Restless in my crocodile vest like Dundee playing with his pets.
Nuisance to the nooses now strung around your neck.
Retro fucker, stabbing bushes so lubricated now I’m leaving a mess.
This is said only in jest, except when it’s not,
such as when I’m slicing your mother thinner than a cold cut.

Stuffin’ Sixteen Saltines straight down your throat.
Turning red, Jack White and blue, stop playin’ the Blues.
Look at the bright side, pristine white, Tide side:
With crackers clogging your esophagus you sound like DMX
and your left eye has been tested, it’s 20/20 perfection.
It’s just too bad your right is being chopped up for my breakfast.

El Pollo cotton Tee, “Chicken” stitched on the chest.
Roman Cokes, Greek Pepsis, son of Erebus.
Meer cats are starting to leer
at moles poking out of their holes.
I’ll whack em’ all off,
furry friction handjobs given to the mob.

Not for little kids, an antonym of Jar Jar.
Raj Raj, nice boy, suitable for a daughter.
Two of my personas are fucking depressed,
I’ll get them psychiatrists, prescribe Xanax
When they overdose, I’ll shake my head in lice.
Pretty parcel package, decapitated head of Mid Mic.

Shoot up schools: Elementary, my dear Watson.
Spinal tap, insert this rod into your cot, Son.
Rigmarole, notions of Cornelius converting
from coco puffs to corn flakes, narcoleptic cutter:
took a nap prior to slit wrist, serrated slumber.
Injection of heroin, seeping in, thick as Mud Vein.

Wake and bake a cake, non-prioritizing stoner.
“How much for rent?” Confused homeowner.
Accidental prostate exam, coats don’t equate to PhDs.
Coerced colonoscopy, I believe it’s time for you to leave.
Ration radicals, enough for an eccentric collective,
but not enough to progress beyond staph infections.

Solipsism set in, set against some bowling pins
And patiently waiting for you to walk-in,
Annotated on all sides, elaborate on grand demise.
Prodding pidgins, clipping wings, out from under
Flight instincts and freight instinct, let’s fuck up
NSYNC, 5 members extinct in a couple of weeks.
Feeling hot and bloated, not that you would notice.


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