For the Fatherland
Jordan Blank

Wars were waged and battles fought for pride’s sake
Upon the field the dead fell, glass-eyed, never to wake
Gas flooded trenches and bullets filled the air
Blood coated what once were meadows of flowers fair
The world was at war, the Fatherland to blame
Its sons sent forth to die, lost without a name

For the Fatherland, they died

But from the blood and mud a legend did emerge
Deutschland’s finest soldier, its past infamy to purge
Despite his valiant efforts, the world war was lost
His reputation martyred, like Christ upon the cross
He watched his land fall downward, to poverty, starvation
Until another man came forth, promising salvation

For the Fatherland, he spoke

War broke out once more, and with it came death
And the air again smelled of the reaper’s foul breath
Not just soldiers now but civilians and prisoners too
The axe fell especially for those named “Jew”
But the soldier fought on, general and commander
“Desert Fox” he was called, director of panzers

For the Fatherland, he fought

From Afrika’s desert to the beaches of Normandy
He foiled the plans of Patton and Montgomery
He halted the advances of the Allies’ finest
And gained the respect of their best and brightest
He fought not for Hitler, won not for the party
His heart belonged only to his beloved country

For the Fatherland, he loved

He slowly came to know that Hitler was a blight
Taking over Europe, misusing Deutschland’s might
So he sought to end his reign, restore Germany’s pride
But the plot was cut short with the taste of cyanide
And so the hero died, not for Hitler or on the field
In the quiet of his office Rommel finally did yield

For the Fatherland, he fell