Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

Time has gone by so fast, and it’s hard to believe that we are now seniors and must leave our beloved Progeny in the capable hands of fellow editors. It’s safe to say we will miss you all so much! We know that Progeny will continue to thrive even without us here at DC and become something even better in the upcoming years.

First, we’d like to acknowledge the winners of this year’s contest and their great pieces: congratulations to Ms. Jordan Blank, Mr. Gregory Mogren, and Mr. Wayne Kelly, whose fantastic writing you can read in this Spring 2016 issue. It is always a great opportunity when recognition is offered to fellow writers, and we really appreciate that the Defiance County Writers group does this for us every year. Without them the contest would not be possible.

Secondly, with this issue of Progeny, we’d like to present a new feature, our “Editor’s Choice” section. These are works that are our particular favorites, ones that accentuate the theme of “Contrast” for this issue, the interplay between the wonderfully creative humor of the first works of the Spring 2016 issue and the “Editor’s Choice” works at the end, which we feel represent the serious literary imagination of a fine multi-genre writer.

As always, we wish to thank everyone who has contributed to this magazine, particularly our fellow editors, our advisor Mary Catherine Harper and layout advisor Amy K. Drees, our artists and writers, and, of course, our readers. None of this could exist without so many wonderful people.

Thank you and cheers!
Bianca Relue and Lizzie Daniel