Friendship Jeopardized
Jordan Blank

“He’s a psycho,” the words were spoken emphatically.
“No, he’s just protective.”
They sat at the table, facing each other, just a small amount of space between them.
“Protective? Protective is when he tells a guy off for looking at his girl’s ass. Psychotic is when he won’t let her even talk to her guy friends without getting mad. What is wrong with you?”
“Nothing’s wrong with me. I just don’t see the harm in him being a little bit jealous.”
“It’s not healthy. At all. He’s nuts!”
A pause.
“. . . He’s caring.”
A derisive snort in response.
“Because the cute gestures make up for the crazy crap he pulls. Dinner totally makes it all better.”
“Well,” a huff, “I don’t see why you don’t like him.”
Disbelief flashed past widely exposed irises.
“Like him? Like him? I hate that guy! Like’s got nothing to do with it. I don’t know that I could even describe the amount of loathing I feel when you mention his name.”
“But why?”
“Because there are so many other guys out there and you chose this freak. Out of all the ones you said you liked, you chose him. It couldn’t have been Percy or Harry, who are both perfectly nice to their female friends and have shown that they are competent in a relationship. Nooo. It couldn’t even be James or Will, or even Jace. It had to Eddie dearest. Ugh! I would have been fine with Darcy too. But Edward? Really?”
“That’s why you don’t like him? Because I said he’s my favorite out of all the others?”
“Partially! And partially because he’s a freaking sparkling vampire! Since when do vampires sparkle, huh? Since when do bloodsucking demons, who are based off Dracula, sparkle when they walk into the sunlight?”
“Since Twilight.”
A hand slammed down on the table.
“Don’t even mention Twilight! That trash has so many plot holes that a mouse would drag it off, thinking it was Swiss cheese! I introduced you to Tolkien, Austin, Rowling, Riordan, Claire! But you go find Meyer all on your own and suddenly the world revolves around Edward,” a pause, “. . . I don’t know if we can be friends.”
“Now who’s being ridiculous?”
“Don’t start with me, you . . . you . . . Twihard,” the word was spoken like a curse, “Out of all the great literature of the world, you chose Twilight. Twilight! How can you call yourself a self-respecting bookworm?”
Another pause.
“You don’t like Edward because you’re biased against Twilight?”
“Oh, I could write a book about why I hate Edward . . . Hey! Don’t avoid my question!”