Gregory Mogren

Snails on Speed, Flying Frogs,
Lose your race, Undead Horse,

Floating Nose, Amazon,
Staff of Napalm, Leperchaun,

Slimy Armor, Pukachu,
Hippogriff, Duck of Doom,

Pointy Hat of Power, Sneaky Bastard Sword,
Cotion of Ponfusion, Kneepads of Allure.

Face Sucker, Tongue Demon,
Ghoulfiends, Hireling.

Humongous, Ancient,
Gazebo and Mate.

Steal a Level, Loded Dice,
Magic Missile, Wishing Ring,

Boil an Anthill, 1000 Gold,
Kill the Hireling, Mutilate the Bodies.

Pit Bull, Platycore,
Net Troll, Broad Sword,

Here I go. Wish me luck,

For the win, Kick the Door.