Gregory Mogren

Daniel: Do you know what sucks about elevators? Getting stuck on one, for twelve hours, with someone you hate. For some people that person might be your boss, or an ex, or the person who's been stealing credit for things at work for years. For me, Erin is all three. Apparently everyone in the office expected us to kill each other. Hell, there was even an office pool. But I didn’t know that, because I was in hell. For one, it was a Monday, so it sucked already. For two, I still had a hangover from Saturday. And for three, I had to share the elevator with Erin. Joy.

Erin: It should have been a good day. I had a relaxing weekend, got a good nights rest, just finished reading a good book, but the elevator stopped and Daniel got in in a rush. He probably thought he was late, again. Breaking up with him last year was a mercy. If we had stayed together any longer he would have become clingy. He still thought that he was the big man, and I just embarrassed him. During the ride there was a jolt. The elevator broke. Daniel then looked like he thought the world was ending.

Daniel: When the elevator first broke, I will admit, I panicked a little. Heck, Erin thought they were gonna fire her because she was late, for the first time. I’m late half the time and they still haven't done anything about it. But after that I kept a cool head the entire time, until the power cut out. However, unlike what I am sure some of you have heard, I did not start crying. Instead it was more like cursing the world and all of existence for this perfect storm of shit.

Erin: He cried when the power went out. He bawled his eyes out, saying that it was the worst day of his life. Pathetic. It took some time but he calmed down. I tried to get some work done, but my phone died. So I used his phone to, but that died as well.

Daniel: She used our phone batteries to “try to work.” She wasn’t fooling me. I could tell she was playing Angry Birds, she used to do that during our meetings. Afterwards she would always ask what happened. When the phones went we had no more light.

Erin: With the phones dying, everything just became worse. I could feel his beady little eyes staring at me. So I sat down. Like a little lost puppy he followed suit.

Daniel: We ended up sitting there.

Erin: The air was thick with . . . something . . .

Danial: Words unspoken.

Erin: Feelings of anger.

Danial: Resentment.

Erin: All of that made the tiny metal box we were in feel smaller than it already was.

Daniel: I knew I was in hell.

Erin: Wanna know the worst part?

Both: We hadn’t even been there for an hour.