Contents of Spring 2017 Progeny
Still Life, Cody Brown

A Journey through Time and Space, Alisa Pescosolido

Zebras, Viviane Bush

This Is Just a Dream, Samantha Willis

Silent Scream, Blake Newman

Marti Martinez and the Fishbowl Girls, Tim Wedge

Shrek’s Swamp, Nathon Principe

No Man’s Land, Leah Heddinger

Reflection, Viviane Bush

Words, Gregory Mogren

River Siren, Nathon Principe

Excuse Me?, Samantha Willis

One Word, Nathon Principe

Chips, Martin Bush

Midwest in a Nutshell, Nathon Principe

Pedestrian Can-Man, Fredrick Linnabary

Jump, Nathon Principe

Black & White 1, Viviane Bush

Clio’s Song, Kate Murphy

Crash Course, Nathon PrincipeCover Art


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