Gregory Mogren

The sharpest weapon
is not made of steel.
Yet cuts deep,
creating wounds
that will never heal.

The mightiest weapon
is not launched from a plane.
Yet has destroyed
cities and caused
the deaths of many.

The lightest weapon
cannot be held in a hand.
Yet has held
the fates of people
and controlled them.

The loudest weapon
is not a firearm.
Yet it causes blasts
that reshape the world
for good and bad.

The simplest weapon
can be used by anyone.
But only those who
know it will be able
to master it.

The swiftest weapon
cannot be thrown.
But once out there,
its effects won’t fade
from those they hit.

It will be misused.
It will empower
Will destroy

But will always reshape
Always help heal
Always soothe