Clio’s Song
Kate Murphy

In my mind’s eye, you are in Chiaroscuro
A three-quarters light and a three-quarters turn
Your very stance driving you forward, forward, ever forward
A conqueror, like Alexander
Like David, a King.

In my mind’s eye, you wear your blue-silk shirt
Vermeer blue
Blue like royalty, blue like resistance
The blue of Yad Vashem
And Scotland the Brave.

In my mind’s eye, I am blown open like Guernica
Tangled and knotted and caught between thoughts
But you

You are the night’s sky in Texas
Broken and open and full as the day
As the Body Electric
As the Dream Deferred.

You curve over me
Over me
Around me
A perfect bowl
Spun on Creator’s perfect wheel
Filled with infinite infinities
Filled by Creator’s steady hand
You gather my tangledness and hold me
In your spinning