Contents of Spring 2018 Progeny
Cover Photo: La fleur de blanc, Cameron Brady

Letter from the Editor, Jennifer Repka

Winner, 2018 Writing Contest:
A Day in My Shoes, Javone Hilliard

How to Drown a Cliff, Nathon Principe

Drowning, Jordan Lee Ann Osborne

Modern Nature, Malia Ferry

Today I Saw . . ., Jennifer Repka

Frozen Flower, Malia Ferry

Hug me until my broken bones, Jewel Isaac

Seeking Refuge from the Storm, Alexandra Fowler

Mending the Cerebral Break, Jennifer Repka

Escape, Cameron Brady

Festering, Tim Rickabaugh

Hope, Cameron Brady

Prayer for an Angry Man, Tim Wedge

Rose Metal, Malia Ferry

The Will of Poetry and Music, Reeka Edwards

Roses, Megan Ladd

For I Love You More Than Words, Jordan Lee Ann Osborne

The Color of Fall, Malia Ferry


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