Today I Saw . . .
Jennifer Repka

Chapter 1

The Great Eye against a Blue Sky

Today I saw a gigantic eye, yellow and red. It stared at me through my brown-paned window with the malice of a threatened serpent. I sat at my desk frozen in place as the eye tracked my breaths and glared in response to the soft hum of my computer. I wondered in those brief moments of contact what this creature was like outside my window, not daring to cross that threshold, of course. Your loyal reporter is much too smart for that, my dear readers. If I had done that, what would have stopped the beast from ripping into my apartment and eating me?
As if this gigantic intruder could. Though if I must give this monster credit, it succeeded in making me feel as if I were insignificant. Something so large that its very eye filled my window, turned my blood cold. I felt my life was small, smaller than usual, if I must be honest, at the sight of the all-seeing eye peering into my apartment.
Before I could ponder more on what this strange being was, it was suddenly flung to the street. I knew, for the sound of bones slamming against the concrete has grown very familiar to me. The roar of the creature shook the foundations of my apartment complex so much that a few of my good plates shattered on the kitchen floor. I took a few breaths, then stood up from my desk and peered out my window at the street below. What I saw, dear readers, was the creature, huge, muscular, and covered in dark hair. What I suppose was a head was a neck as well. Looking at its mouth agape, I spotted row upon row of chomping teeth. The monster’s clawed paws surprisingly had an opposable thumb, which it used to try grabbing a blue blur flying beside it.
In that moment I knew we were saved, dearest readers, for it was our fair city’s greatest hero. Yes, my dear readers, yes I can hear your jovial replies. It was Cpt. BlueStreak, the hero we all look up to with great adoration. In her sky blue cape fluttering behind her, she landed a solid blow to the monster’s neck-jaw.
Before I could wonder where this creature came from, I saw the gleam of Cpt. BlueStreak’s trademark lightning saber, which as we all know was a gift to her from her late father, genius scientist Dr. BlueStreak. Cpt. BlueStreak held aloft her blade and cried, “You may be large, but that only means you will fall harder!” Then she hurled down a massive bolt of light that cracked against the gray skyline. The monster gave one last pitiful roar before being turned to specks of dust along the street.
Once again the day was saved from the jaws of terror, thanks to the mighty Cpt. BlueStreak! As for me, dearest readers? Why, your loyal reporter had glass shards to sweep. Thank you for dedication to these reports, and I cannot wait to share the next with you! Farewell, until next time!

Chapter 2

5/7 . . . Facing the Knob

Dear personal journal,

Today I fought the Knob again, my arch nemesis. The reasoning behind this was that I felt the urge to actually do it today. To take those few steps outside. I understand I do not have this urge often, but saying the phrases of Cpt. BlueStreak made me feel courage. The Knob would have laughed if it knew, but for the first time in months I felt courage. “You may be large, but that only means you will fall harder,” I repeated as I faced the Knob. As I did, I thought of why I was doing it. Perhaps it was something simple, such as thanking Cpt. BlueStreak for her service, or just experiencing fresh air. But then the Knob reminded me that the captain was a person. A person surrounded by fans, and those fans also used air. There would be a crowd.
Air is in nature, and nature is outside.
I understand the Knob. I am not ready.
I feel trapped, but the Knob is right. I am not ready for that world. Sad to say, the Knob won for today.