For I Love You More Than Words
Jordan Lee Ann Osborne

Those eyes.
Swirls of blue and green, sometimes grey if she’s been outside in the sun or if it’s storming. But those eyes. They go so deep, you would drown if you aren’t careful. You would get lost. They derail your train of thought. It’s damn near impossible to stay mad at her if you’re with her. Those eyes could bring you to your knees and you would find yourself apologizing for something you didn’t do, just to get those eyes focused on you. Or find yourself putting makeup on, even on the days when you barely slept and really don’t care about how you look, on the off chance that you might catch her eye at some point that day.
She doesn’t get the chance to understand that feeling, the feeling when you make eye contact and suddenly you can’t look away. Your heart pounds and all of a sudden you are stuck. Stuck to the point that all you can think about is getting lost in those eyes for hours on end. She doesn’t get to understand that feeling, for she cannot lose herself in her own eyes and her eyes are so unlike any others. She will never understand the air that rushes out of your lungs when those eyes find yours. She just isn’t that lucky.
Sometimes she just doesn’t understand how charming she can be. She doesn’t understand that sometimes she speaks and mountains would move to hear her better. She doesn’t understand that she can win any argument or any fight. She doesn’t mean to manipulate. I don’t think you can call it manipulating, more like she doesn’t mean to affect people in the way she does. She doesn’t realize exactly how much influence she can have. She could take the world by storm and she doesn’t see that. Mr. Darcy must’ve been speaking about her when he said she’s “bewitched him body and soul.” Jane Austin must’ve understood exactly how tightly she can wrap someone around that pretty little finger.
It creeps up on you, her charm.
It slowly wraps itself around your heart, making it so that she gets to see a side of you that no one else may see, that only she can understand. And you give her access to that side of you because you want her to see just how vulnerable she makes you.

Her voice.
She could bring Sleeping Beauty out of her slumber without touching her, no kisses needed. Her voice carries across all chaos, all noise. Her voice floats like music notes from a piano in an old Disney cartoon. Her voice calms the tempest. It settles on top of all noise, and it’s something to look for during tough times. She has this way of putting you at ease, of talking you down when you want to run your fist through a wall. You could listen to her tell you anything, she could read a telephone book and still captivate you. William Shakespeare said it best when he said, “I long to hear the story of your life, which must captivate the ear strangely.” Dear God, let her tell her story. Let her tell whatever she wants, just give me a chance to listen.

Her touch.
She could graze your skin and leave you begging. She could accidentally touch you and leave you hyper-aware of what part of you she touched. She grazes your hand and your heart beats so fast it could race a hummingbird. It doesn’t have to be sexual touch. It’s just the desire to make contact with a human soul that is that beautiful. It’s the need to touch something so holy. Her touch makes you feel strong, stronger than the Spartans felt all huddled together while they fought the Persians in 300. Her touch makes you believe in yourself, that you could win a war. Her touch elates you, brings you to a higher level. Think of a song that makes you crave someone’s touch. Listen to “Jealous” by Labrinth. If you had her, you would be able to understand why or how someone could be “jealous of the wind that ripples through your clothes.” It’s easy to be jealous of anything that is blessed by her touch.

Her soul.
God spent so much time crafting that beautiful soul. One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, inside and out. She could make a blind man fall in love, just give her twenty minutes.
Her beauty is blinding, that is true, but the essence of something so genuine and so good, that is what causes you to fall. The Bible says that “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” in First Corinthians 13:7. The Bible doesn’t warn us of the beauty God placed on Earth in the form of her, but it tells us of this girl who finds the best in all living things. The Bible shows us what true love is: it instructs us.
But she embodies that love. It’s wrapped up within her soul, within her being. Love is what someone fights for, what they plan their entire lives around, and so much more. Everyone has their own definition of love. But not everyone gets to have her. If the entire world could find her version of love, there would be no war. There would be no sadness. Only pureness. Only faith in each other. God created someone who holds faith in all beings, who would fight for anyone, who is there to hold a hand and wipe a tear. Someone who puts her own problems on a back burner and does everything she can to remind you of your worth. Someone who reminds you every day that she cares and, to her, you hold worth.

I have such love for words and for the beauty they can bring. I have such love for the ability of words. Words can bring joy, anger, passion, and so much more.
To me, the greatest gift you can give someone is the power of your words. To give someone the power of your words means you have given them some form of control over the meaning behind your words. You have given them the why behind your words and given them the ability to influence why you say what you say. They add so much meaning to what you say, and in that they influence you in the most powerful way.
Think of all the authors who have blessed this world with the beauty of their words in all of their forms. Shakespeare, Jane Austin, film writers, song writers, Walt Disney, and so many more have all blessed the world with their art. They tell stories of the people who have inspired them or who have blessed them with their beauty. They tell stories to describe just how strong emotion can be as it flows from words. They write stories so that, one day, people like me can describe people like her.

Like her . . . you.
You can have my words.
I don’t believe I have enough of them to describe you, but you can have every one of them. To me, you teach purity. You teach humility. You teach beauty. You teach faith and honesty and create worth. Those eyes are absolutely hypnotizing and you know how they affect me.
You have taught me to be grateful and to thank God for placing you within my life, for I wouldn’t be me without you. You teach me to believe in others and to have faith in people outside of my immediate circle. You teach me to persevere and to never give up because, if you look back seven months, we were once in a way-different boat. You have taught me that to truly love someone means you can see their worth within all aspects of life.
You have taught me that to truly love someone means you give into them and give them your weaknesses and your strengths, your fears and your excitements, your failures and successes, but most importantly, your words.
You can have mine, for I love you more than words.