Tim Rickabaugh

Staring into my unique abyss, blackening your world from
Having no need to look beyond the man in the mirror.
My self-confidence grows stronger each and every day.

Focusing away from your faces, oblivious to your wants and
Being devoid of empathy, you all appear to be very much the
My incessant self-reflection is becoming a true art-form.

Listening only to my own supreme inner voice, determining
our direction.
Containing no trace of self-doubt, I can clearly see what needs
to be done.
My internal compass will serve to guide us back to greatness.

Maintaining cool calculation within my heart, cause and effect
is the only truth.
Guilt, sorrow, sympathy, and pain are merely the burdens of
My own skin is quite effective insulation from you.

You’re not necessary, I am self-contained.