Submission Guidelines

Progeny accepts submissions from August to March. The annual spring issue appears in print and online.

For students, faculty, staff, and alums of Defiance College:

To submit poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction, email a MicrosoftWord or RTF attachement. In the body of the email include the title of the work.

Photographs, charcoal drawings, prints, etc. must be at least 1MB in size, in JPG format, and submitted as email attachments. In the body of the email include the title of the attached images.

Send email and attachment(s) to Steven Engel, faculty advisor.


Progeny editors of Fall 2015 with their Creative Writing class . . . at Halloween
Back L to R: Courtney Alexander, Samantha Gomez, Ashlyn Deming, Bianca Relue, Alex Frick, Carrie Relyea, Brian Coon;
Front L to R: Rachel Simon, Caitlin Ehrenberg, Gregory Mogren (the pea pod), Elizabeth Daniel, Jordan Blank, Martin Bush


Update 6 November 2019

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Contact Steven Engel for questions.